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Migraines are severe headaches that cause the sufferer to experience intense, debilitating pain and extreme cases can even cause intolerances to light or sound. Migraines can be very uncomfortable and can not only lead to poor performance at work due to an inability to concentrate and increased time off, but affect your overall well-being too.

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Although there are several many causes of migraines, one of the most common causes are misalignments of the upper cervical spine. Having an adjustment before the symptoms appear can prevent the causes of the migraine or pain. If you are experiencing migraines, a massage in conjunction with an adjustment will promote reduction of the migraine by reducing pressure on the nerves.

Conditions We Treat


Neck pain is quite common and involves the area from the base of your head to the top of your shoulder and can be caused by putting strain on the neck. Similar to your back, putting too much strain on your neck can come from slouching, accidents and injuries from playing sports.

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It’s easy to recognising neck pain by feeling stiffness or tight knots in the neck. Neck pain can also spread to the top of your shoulders, as well as your upper back and arms and can restrict head and neck movements.

The Huntington Beach SportsCare Center has a range of physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments to help pinpoint the source of your neck pain and help you get back on track. Call us on (714) 377-0078 to schedule an appointment.

Conditions We Treat


Sciatica is pain that comes from the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in your body. It starts at your lower back and runs all the way down both legs, ending in the feet and is commonly caused by a slipped disc in the spine, though this is not always the case. Sciatica can also be caused through injuries, lumbar spinal stenosis, or even a growth in the spine or infection.

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Symptoms of Sciatica often include a centralized pain in the lower back area, which spreads out across the legs, which can cause weakness and burning sensations in the legs, and mild to intense shooting pains.

Short-term or ‘acute’ cases of Sciatica can be often eased by using heat/ice packs to soothe pain in the legs or over the counter medication to reduce inflammation. Massage therapy can also help with the pain, as an effective massage of the lower back area can increase blood circulation and relax muscles. Chiropractic techniques are also popular, as underlying problems of Sciatica can be caused by spinal damage, which can be helped by manual manipulation of the spine.

Conditions We Treat


Most of us suffer from back pain at some point in our lives, whether it’s from sports injuries, accidents, heavy lifting or bad posture. Injuries from contact sports, accidents, and falls can cause problems ranging from minor muscle strains to herniated discs or fractures that cause severe damage to the spinal column or the spinal cord itself.

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Back pain can indicate a variety of problems from minor muscle strains to torn or ruptured discs in the spine, and even cases of more severe spinal injuries, so it’s important that if you experience back pain that you get it checked out. Many disorders can arise from misdiagnoses of the spinal injuries, for example, cauda equina is a rare spinal cord disorder that effects the spinal nerves and can lead to paralysis or loss of bladder and bowel control. If for any reason you were mistreated earlier on, then getting in touch with a lawyer and getting cauda equina compensation payouts would be the best option for you, so you are covered for medical costs and lost time. Remember to get checked out and contact a solicitor or lawyer in your local area so they can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Conditions We Treat


We know that doing sports is what many of our clients love, and that injuries sustained from sports can vary. Whether you’re into skiing, biking, racing, surfing, or any other type of sports, we will work with you to provide personalized physiotherapy treatments.

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Physiotherapy is the traditional approach to treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions, including strains and sprains as well as bursitis and tendinitis. Physiotherapy also involves balancing the body — stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.

Our physiotherapy treatments incorporate heat, ultrasound, traction, electrical stimulation and soft tissue mobilization to treat the affected area in order to condition, reduce pain and inflammation, and restore normal function.

For those requiring rehabilitation after severe sports injuries, we design strengthening and conditioning programs for the prevention of injuries across a wide range of sports, as well as spinal stabilization exercises also known as “Core” strengthening, which promotes a healthy spine and protects the back from future injuries.

“THE best chiropractor and massage therapists! Dr. Duddy genuinely cares about his people... my husband's family have been coming to see him for decades. I have been for the last 5 or so years just for a regular tune-up and amazing massage all at an affordable rate through their packages.”

— Danielle M.Huntington Beach, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Massage Help?

Studies of Massage Therapy have shown that a massage can reduce soreness, stiffness, and physical pain associated with muscles, including those with fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Massage Therapists are trained professionals that specialize in the treatment of sports injuries, common strains and sprains, auto and work related injuries.

Massage Techniques are known to reduce the stiffness and pain associated with muscle pain, including arthritis. Massage can also help reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress hormones, as well as reduce water retention of premenstrual syndrome for women.

Relaxing massages: Studies have shown that massage can also reduce muscle tension, increase joint range of motion, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep quality, shorten recovery time of muscle soreness, reduce anxiety, improve circulation, and reduce fatigue.

Why do people go see a Chiropractor?

Many people seek Chiropractic for care of injuries and pain relief. Chiropractic care is extremely effective in reducing and eliminating symptoms, which is the goal; restoring normal function of the vertebral segments and reducing interference of the nerves.

Chiropractic has positioned itself as the most effective prevention and wellness profession. Pain, such as a migraine for example, is usually a late symptom that appears after a period of time following the misalignment of the spine. Having an adjustment before the symptoms appear can prevent the causes of the migraine or pain. A massage in conjunction with an adjustment can help promote the healing and reduce inflamation.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic is based upon the fact that the nervous system is the master controller of the body, monitoring and coordinating all organs and systems of the body. Maintaining proper alignment of the vertebra ensures optimal function of the spinal nerves prevents interference of the function of those structures. Proper spinal alignment also prevents arthritic changes of the spine,  degeneration of the intervertebral discs and improves spinal flexibility.

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