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With the press of a button, five different waters are available to meet a host of health, beauty and cleaning needs.

Kangen Water Benefits

2.5pH – Strong Acid — It doesn’t get cleaner than sterile

You know what really wipes out nasty disease causing germs? A highly acidic environment.

That’s right, acid. Nothing calls acid home sweet home. Press the “Strong Acid” button on LeveLuk SD 501, out comes water that is 2.5 pH or lower. That’s an extreme solution powerful enough to sanitize any surface or object, yet gentle enough to leave a nice sparking sheen.

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It is such a powerful anti-bacterial that hospitals in Japan use it to clean surgery rooms – no additives, nothing else, just strongly acidic water.

Kangen Water Benefits

11.5pH – Alkaline Water — Turning common belief on its Ear

As the Strong Acid water is being made, the electrolysis process simultaneously produces water that is Strongly Alkaline — pH 11.5 +. (Just accept this. If you ask why, there will be a long technical discussion just like the ones you slept through in Chem 101).

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This makes the perfect grease cutter. How perfect! Pour oil into a glass then pour in the 11.5 water. Convention says the oil will float to the top because of that conflict thing between oil and water, right? Wrong. The highly alkaline 11.5 pH water combined with the reduced size of the water molecule clusters actually binds with the oil, emulsifying it into a cloudy concoction. The water actually breaks down the oil. Just think what it’ll do with the oven you’ve been avoiding. Oh, and remember, it’s just water!

Kangen Water Benefits

6.0pH – Beauty Water

One of the wonderful things about water is how refreshing it is. There’s nothing like a cool splash on the face to rinse away fatigue. Select “Beauty Water” on the LeveLuk SD 501 and that rinse will not only feel good, it’ll be good for you.

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At a pH of 5.5-6.0, the Beauty Water exactly matches the pH of the skin. The small water clusters easily and quickly penetrate skin cells, revitalizing them while helping to maintain perfect balance. With the high-concentration of anti-oxidants neutralizing the damaging effects of pesky free radicals, as the bad gets washed away, beauty is restored… and reinforced.

Kangen Water Benefits

7.0pH – Clean Water

Sadly, we have to admit Kangen water isn’t for everyone. (Shock!) Babies are naturally higher in alkaline levels than adults, so they don’t need the added help Kangen provides big people. So, when it comes to the little ones, there’s a neutral pH setting (7.0 pH).

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This is great for them to drink (because it’s triple filtered) and it works well with formula. Oh, and here’s another group that needs to be alert when drinking Kangen water: folks on any type of medication – prescription or over the counter – that uses a timed-release formula.

It seems those small water clusters that are so great at emulsification and entering cell tissues work too well with such pills. Kangen water nullifies the time-release function by dissolving the pill quickly. This group needs to drink 7.0 Clean Water with time-release meds.

Kangen Water Benefits

8.5-9.0 and 9.5 pH – Kangen Water — Some call it, “Miracle Water.”

We’ll settle for, “Really good for you”. There are three kinds: 8.5, 9.0, and 9.5 pH. This graduated approach allows users to build up to the maximum benefits. For some, the detoxification effect of Kangen Water requires an adjustment period. As it enters cells, it eliminates free radicals and helps heal damaged cells.

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This process is best conducted gradually. Kangen Water is rich in anti-oxidants so it diminishes the damaging effects of free-radicals. Its water molecule clusters are two-thirds smaller than ordinary water. This makes penetration of cellular tissue faster and easier. Its elevated alkalinity means it works in concert with the body to neutralize the acidity of the foods we eat. Your body is going to feel the difference with Kangen Water and you’re going to experience – and appreciate – all the benefits.

Five life changing waters from one incredible machine! Want learn more? Download these brochures.

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