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How Arthritis Sufferers May Benefit from Chiropractic

How Arthritis Sufferers May Benefit from Chiropractic

Recently, SportsCare Center Huntington Beach has seen a number arthritis patients seeking chiropractic care after seeing a medical doctor. They want to be treated and address issues, but their medical doctor said they shouldn’t have chiropractic adjustments because they have arthritis or arthritic changes in their neck or lower back.

Without going too deep into chiropractic philosophy or joint physiology, nothing could be further from the truth.

How Arthritis Develops

A healthy joint is one that is free moving and free of excessive biomechanical stress. When joints get locked and are unable to move freely, they can’t get properly nourished. The nourishment of the joint cartilage depends on movement to promote the process of imbibition, which is the taking up of synovial fluid.  Even more simplified, when we move, joint cartilage gets squeezed so bad stuff gets pushed out and good stuff goes in to supply the cartilage with necessary nutrients for growth and repair. (This is another reason regular exercise is important for health, and why we added yoga classes to our practice, but that’s another blog post.)

When joints are locked and unable to move freely, imbibition occurs less frequently or not at all.  Over time, joints degenerate because they are unable to get the nutrients to rebuild or repair. Eventually, the joints begin to show signs of arthritic changes.

To make matters worse, when spinal bones get shifted out of place, two things happen:

  1.  The normal movement of the joint decreases.
  2. There are increased biomechanical stresses placed on the joint.

Excessive stress speeds degeneration because the forces cause joint cartilage to wear out at an accelerated rate. Eventually, the accelerated degeneration causes pain, and when x-rays are taken, the joint looks arthritic because of advanced stress.


Chiropractic adjustments repair subluxations (misaligned joints), increase joint range of motion, and reduce excessive biomechanical stress.  They also remove nerve pressure, alleviate pain, relieve local muscle spasms (trigger points), release endorphins, and foster a sense of well-being throughout the body.

While chiropractic care can’t reverse arthritic changes, it can stop or slow the degenerative process.  Getting regular chiropractic care starting at an early age can prevent arthritic changes in the first place.


To Your Health – January 2016

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November Appointment Challenge Update

Every year, Sportscare Center issues the November Appointment Challenge: For each appointment kept during the month of November, Dr. Duddey donates $1 to a local charity.

This year, Project Hope Alliance based in Costa Mesa was the recipient. We presented a check for $919 to Project Hope Alliance, which will use the funds to break the cycle of homelessness for Orange County’s 32,000 homeless children. Since 2012, Project Hope Alliance has moved 120 families into permanent homes.

Learn more about Project Hope Alliance’s Mission and simple ways you can help here:


Meet the newest physical therapy tool in our kit: RRT Pro

Meet the newest physical therapy tool in our kit: RRT Pro

If you’ve been in the “House of Pain” for physical therapy lately, you may have noticed a new tool being used along side electro stim and ultrasound by our physical therapists.  That funny looking new machine is called RRT Pro. RRT is short for Rapid Release Technology, and it does wonderful things that enhance the healing process.

RRT is used by MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA teams to keep their players in top conditions for the demands of their sports.  After careful consideration and use on a few willing test subjects around the office, we decided to add it to our physical therapy tool kit.  After all, if it is good enough for the pros, it’s good enough for our patients.

How it works in physical therapy

Rapid Release vibrates at a frequency that resonates with and breaks up scar tissue, loosens tight muscles, increases blood flow, and addresses muscle spasms using frequency vibration. It also relieves stress and tension in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The frequency also lessens muscle spasms by triggering tonic vibration reflex (TVR), a neurological response.  These results allow the body to work on healing itself, without drugs, by rushing oxygen-rich blood to the area and decreasing inflammation.

How it benefits the patient

It’s quick

A five minute RRT session is beneficial to the healing process.  In many cases, RRT treatment is less uncomfortable, and preferable to traditional massage. Depending on the case, we may add it to electro stim and ultrasound treatment.

It allows us more flexibility in treatment

Before adding the RRT to our tool kit, we relied on electrostim, ultrasound, manual massage, and prescribed exercises. The RRT adds another option to treat your aches and pains. If the RRT is a good idea for your treatment, we’ll let you know.

The RRT has 5 treatment caps that we can use to direct rapid release treatment into the affected area.   The actuator is useful at reaching trigger points, accupoints, and reflexology points.  The soft cap can be used to address bony areas like the elbow. The large cap is used to deliver relief to most muscle groups.


The next time you’re in physical therapy, ask if RRT is a good addition to your treatment protocol.  We’re happy to let you know more about this tool and hope you’ll let others know about it, too.




Take advantage of our 2015 holiday specials

Take advantage of these special prices while they last!

Take advantage of these special prices while they last!

Treat someone you love or stock up for yourself and save a bundle!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for our patients! Now is the time we unleash the very best prices of the year for many of our most popular wellness packages.

For the first time ever, you can share a package

Wouldn’t it be great to treat someone to a massage? Enjoy a small-sized yoga class with friends? Now, for the first time in SportsCare Center history, you can buy a multiple package and share it! Soon we will have new, spiffy looking gift certificates suitable for giving as a gift to a friend.

So, yes, you can buy that 10-pack of massages and give 7 away and keep three for yourself, or give 5 away and keep 5 for yourself… because you’ve been sooooo good all year.

Please note: This is a test, so the ability to split packages may or may not return, depending upon how it works.

Stay at your best with regular wellness visits

Some patients prefer to stock up now so they’ll have their wellness visits for the new year covered. People who get regular chiropractic care know the benefits of keeping their bodies in a position where it can heal itself and avoid injury, without drugs.  Time, gravity, and every day stress takes their toll on the body. Keeping regular chiropractic appointments and engaging in supportive care like massage, physical therapy, reiki, and yoga help your body counter time, gravity, and stress.

Most patients benefit from a monthly wellness check, while others may require more frequent visits to maintain the optimal position for wellness. Ask Dr. Duddey what he recommends for you.


2015 Holiday Specials

 Regular PriceSuper Special Holiday Price*
One 30-minute massage with adjustment$70$59
One 60-minute massage with adjustment$85$70
Four 30-minute massages with adjustment$240$199
Five 60-minute massages with adjustment$425$349
Ten 30-minute massages with adjustment$700$449
Ten 60-minute massages with adjustment$599$499
Five Physical Therapy Sessions$325$285
Three Yoga Classes$45$29
One Urban Zen Integrative Therapy or Reiki Session$70$49
These are our holiday specials for the 2015 holiday season. Prices good through 12/31/15. Promotion may be suspended at any time. See gift certificate for details. More

Yoga complements chiropractic care

Yoga complements chiropractic care

As you know, Sportscare Center added yoga therapy to its services in February 2015. Yoga complements your current athletic training by bettering balance, enhancing endurance, increasing flexibility, and building strength. Anecdotally, people who’ve taken the Re-Energize class report increased strength and weight loss. People who’ve taken the Relax class tell us they sleep like a log after taking the class.

Yoga also fits well into a wellness lifestyle. How many times have you heard “eat healthier and move more” from your doctor, your trainer, your chiropractor? Each person is promoting two things you can do immediately to improve your health and quality of life. Yoga is a great way to enhance wellness and meet the “move more” requirement.

How yoga promotes ongoing wellness:

  • Encourages regular exercise
    Decreases anxiety through breathing exercises
    Oxygenates tissues
    Strengthens the pulmonary system, e.g., lungs and diaphragm.

How yoga complements chiropractic care

If you have been a Sportscare Center patient for long, you know that chiropractic care improves wellness by repairing skeletal misalignments, which improves communications between the nervous system and other body systems, and ultimately, optimizes the body’s ability to function.

Yoga supports chiropractic care by improving posture, building strength, and stretching muscles.

Additionally, some yoga poses address physical issues by alleviating pressure around vertebra. Here are a few:

Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana

Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana

Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana

This posture
• Stretches hamstrings, spine, and lower back
• Enhances calm
• Improves digestion
• Reduces fatigue
• Stimulates the liver and kidneys





Half Moon or Ardha Chandrasana

Half Moon or Ardha Chandrasana

Half Moon or Ardha Chandrasana

This posture stimulates vertebrae T6 and L5-S1.
• Tones muscles that support the lumbar and sacral regions of the spine
• Alleviates backache
• Relieves gastritis and acidity








Corpse Pose or Savasana

Corpse Pose or Savasana

Corpse Pose or Savasana


This posture stimulates C1, aka Atlas.
Use this pose to alleviate tension, migraine headaches, tension headaches, and insomnia.


If you have any questions about using yoga to enhance your chiropractic treatments, just ask Dr. Duddey.