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Start 2018 Off Right. Take the #30DayPlankChallenge

Start 2018 Off Right. Take the #30DayPlankChallenge

Start 2018 off right by strengthening your core muscles, improving your posture, reducing back pain, and bettering your balance.

Take a #30DayPlankChallenge to start your year off on the right foot! (Provided there are no reasons you can’t participate, e.g., doctor said, “Don’t plank.”)

We’ve posted a suggested plan, and you can find others on our Facebook page or online.  The idea is to improve your fitness and health. Be kind to yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask doctor before beginning this challenge.  For most of us, this will be encouragement to increase our activity levels after the holiday season.

Proper plank form will reduce the chance of injury and likely improve your results.  You can find tips here.

Essentially, keep your core and leg muscles engaged; keep your bum aligned — not sagging to the floor and not up in the air; look at the floor to maintain a neutral spine; stack your shoulders, elbows, and wrists (depending on which version of the plank you choose.)

Download the plan here.#30DayPlankChallenge

Remember: If you are at all concerned about taking this challenge, ask Doctor before starting the challenge.  This is a suggestion. Go at your own pace and celebrate your gains. If you feel pain, faint, etc while performing the movement, please stop and reassess.



April Calendar – Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center in Huntington Beach

April Calendar – Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center in Huntington Beach

Download our Dr Duddey Sportscare Center April 2015 Calendar here.

Here is additional information about the items on the April calendar.

Wellness Talk

This month’s wellness talk will be held  April 8 at 7:30 p.m.  Our topic is What you need to know about Sports Related Injuries.

As the weather heats up, so does our activity. And with all that activity, comes increased chances for sports-related injuries.

Dr. Duddey will address the following:

How you respond to an injury initially is important. Learn what you need to do before you see us.

Recovery is work. We’ll let you know what to do in recovery to get your back to your sport or activity as soon as possible.

When you’re working out, muscles are building and feel tight. Yes, you may be flexible, but your muscles need some care. We’ll tell you how to take care of your aching body.

Be sure to RSVP here or call 714-377-0078 to reserve your spot.


The calendar will give you all the classes and times for the month.  Visit our Yoga Classes page for detailed descriptions of each of the classes.  If you’re in doubt,  ask Dr. Duddey, Ashley McKeachie, Milissa Gillen, Craig, or Francisco which class they’d suggest for you.


Yoga classes begin February 2 at Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center in Huntington Beach

Yoga classes begin February 2 at Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center in Huntington Beach

Now, you can add yoga to your wellness regimen right here at Dr. Duddey SportsCare in Huntington Beach.


Start your day right! This invigorating class sets up your day for success! Move breath to movement to increase your circulation and stimulate your metabolism.
A gentle yoga class that focuses on breath centered movements.  This class is perfect for those seeking a slower pace, and a safer way to move the body.

A fusion of Yin and Restorative yoga dedicated to lengthening muscles and increasing flexibility, while being seated or lying down on your mat.  A 15 minute meditation ends the class that prepares you for a perfect night’s sleep.

Yoga Therapy

Using a variety of ancient techniques, this class relieves the symptoms associated with chronic pain.  Easy movements, breathing practices, visualization, and meditation are just a few of the tools that will be employed  to encourage overall wellness.

Click here to select classes and register for them OR call 714-377-0078. 


  • Classes are limited to 15 students per class.  You’ll get more individualized instruction than you will in classes with more students.
  • Bring your own yoga mat, towel, and beverage.
  • In the early stages, if you register online, it’s a good idea to give us a call to confirm we received your registration.


Single Class $15.00
You want to try without commitment.

10 Class Pack $119.00 
You need a few classes to determine if this is for you! Save you $31 off the Single Class price.

Unlimited $95/month auto-debit
You can’t get enough yoga with our instructor   Ashley McKeachie!  We have 16 classes a week!


If you have questions or would like to buy or book classes call 714-377-0078.

Stay on top of what’s happening at Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center. Download the February Calendar: