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Grand Opening Celebration & Ribbon Cutting Pics

Grand Opening Celebration & Ribbon Cutting Pics

Thanks to everyone who came out on October 10, 2014 to celebrate the official grand opening and stayed for the ribbon cutting with the folks from the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce.  In addition to our wonderful patients, family and friends who came out to celebrate with us, we were also thrilled to have a number of local, county, and state officials take time from their busy schedules, too.

We also were able to introduce some of our new partners in wellness as well, including:

  • Milissa Gillen L.Ac., MAOM our acupuncturist
  • Urban Zen Integrated Therapies practitioners
  • Juice Plus
  • doTerra Essential Oils

Here are the pics! Of course, we’ll be adding to these as well and making them available on our Facebook page!

Dr. Duddey Sportscare Center is now open!

Dr. Duddey Sportscare Center is now open!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us celebrate!



Our first two wellness talks have been quite good! Folks have been asking good questions and getting solid answers.

In September, Dr. Duddey addressed the need to come in for regular maintenance checks to maintain wellness.

Milissa Gillen L.Ac., MAOM discusses acupuncture with the audience, including Dr. Duddey.

Milissa Gillen L.Ac., MAOM discusses acupuncture with the audience, including Dr. Duddey.

In October, we introduced Milissa Gillen L.Ac., MAOM, the newest addition to the Sportscare Center family, and our acupuncturist. She introduced the audience to acupuncture and discussed her approach to this ancient Chinese approach to wellness.


Our next two wellness talks are scheduled for November 12, 2014 and December 10, 2014 and will be held at 7:30 p.m.  We are still deciding on topics and are open to suggestions. What do YOU want to learn more about?

These talks are designed to give you good information about maintaining wellness and keeping you at your best.  They provide a forum where you can get answers to your questions and see that others share your commitment to wellness.

Mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you there!






Grand Opening – October 10, 2014

Join Us for our Grand Opening

Join Us for our Grand Opening


We hope to see you all there for our grand opening celebration.
Come see all the additions to our wellness center, including:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Essential Oils
  • Nutritional Support

We are looking forward to seeing you! Be sure you’re there in time to take part in the ribbon cutting ceremony with the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce.


Treatment v Prevention: Is Your “Check Body” Light Illuminated?



Prevent pain rather than react to it.

Does it take your Check Body light to be illuminated to seek care? There’s a better way. Beat pain to the punch. Prevention is preferable to treatment.

Do you run to the doctor only when you feel pain? This is the treatment path.  Sadly, many people see their health care providers as people to treat symptoms. They only adopt healthier habits after symptoms occur or they are admonished by their doctors. Even then, many on Team Treatment only maintain their healthy ways until the symptoms disappear, then they slide into their old habits.

In my mind this is like only getting your vehicle serviced when the “Check Engine” light is illuminated.

I believe it is preferable to prevent pain than treat it later.

Join the Prevention Party

Maintaining health is an ongoing process. Just like it is better to prevent car problems with regular maintenance, it is better to prevent injury rather than to treat it once it happens. It involves preparing for activity, activity itself, good diet, and good preventative treatment.

Would you consider yourself fit if you only complete one workout or enjoy one healthy meal? Certainly not. Most people realize that regular, ongoing exercise and enjoying healthy foods for most meals and snacks are critical to improving and maintaining physical fitness.


Regularly scheduled maintenance appointments help prevent issues before they start and keeps you running!

Our nervous system is assaulted daily through poor posture, repetitive stress, injury, poor diet, inadequate blood flow, and other stressors. Regularly scheduled chiropractic treatment can counter those daily assaults. 

Many Chiropractors, like me, want you to know: Keeping our patients in proper alignment allows their central nervous systems to better address daily stress from environment, illness, injury, and other offenders. Ultimately reduces the probability that something in the body will malfunction or lessens the effect of a malfunction.  

It really is like taking your vehicle in for routine maintenance to avoid an unexpected breakdown on the road. 

So, before your “Check Body” light illuminates, bring your body in for a tune up.

Click here to schedule your tune up.



The moment we’ve all anticipated for months is here — Dr. Duddey Sportscare’s new location opens July 9, 2014!

Dr. Duddey Sportscare Center is moving to its new location! The Center opens on July 9, 2014.

Dr. Duddey Sportscare Center is moving to its new location! The Center opens on July 9, 2014.

To facilitate the move we will be closed on Monday, July 7 and Tuesday, July 8. If you had an appointment scheduled for those days, you should have been contacted by phone and asked to reschedule.

What you can look forward to at our new location:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture  (coming soon!)
  • Active Physical Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Wellness Classes
  • More pleasant surroundings to facilitate healing and wellness

We look forward to seeing you on July 9!


New Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center Coming Soon

“If you build it…you’re gonna need permits!”

As you know, we’re building a new Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center just 350 yards away from our current location.  What the voices never cautioned Ray Kinsella, the character played by Kevin Costner in The Field Of Dreams, about was the permitting process.

Once the new Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center is built, and permitted, we hope you’ll come and visit often! We’re looking forward to providing chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, as well as yoga, wellness classes, and more at our new location.

Here are a few photographs of the progress at the new location. We’re getting more and more excited as progress is made.  What are you most looking forward to at the new location?

The address for the new Dr. Duddey Sportscare Center will be:

6090 Warner Avenue

Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Phone number will remain 714-377-0078.


New Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center Chiropractic

The banner atop our new location at 6090 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA

New Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center - Tear Down

Tear Down Begins


New Dr. Duddey SportsCare Center

Goodbye, Ceiling!
This is real!



Tear down continues in the three suites Sportscare Center will occupy.

Blueprints for the new SportsCare Center at 6090 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach, CA

Blueprints for the new SportsCare Center at 6090 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach, CA


Our new Multi-Purpose Room will allow us to offer Active Physical Therapy, Yoga Classes, and Informative Wellness Classes, too!


Looking toward the PT Room

Looking toward the PT Room through the MultiPurpose area.


Reception Area

June 19 – Reception Area

Walls Going Up

Framing the walls at the new location


Good News For Your Aching Feet – Plantar Fasciitis Home Treatment

Oh, your aching feet! Specifically, your heels!  If you’re experiencing foot pain, you very well may be suffering from plantar fasciitis (say “PLAN-ter fash-ee-EYE-tus) or a really grouchy, strained, inflamed plantar fascia.

This protocol is for home use and is intended to help aide in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the strong fibrous connective tissue that is located under the arch of the foot becomes inflamed and irritated. This is most often due to overuse whether from standing, walking, running or wearing shoes that due not support the longitudinal arch of the foot. It extends from the front of the heel bone to the base of the toes.


When the plantar fasciitis gets irritated it causes pain while weight bearing particularly in the morning or when initiating exercise. Plantar fasciitis left untreated can lead to heel spurs that may require surgery. Plantar fasciitis may subside over time with rest but if it persists, these suggestions that can be done at home will help alleviate the pain.


First, heat the area for 15-20 minutes using a warm bath or heating pad. This helps soften the tissues as well as bring extra blood flow to the plantar fascia.


Then, while seated roll a golf ball under the arch of the foot from the front of the heel to the base of the toes using moderate pressure. If you find a particularly tender area, you can concentrate pressure in this area. Do this for 5 minutes, then repeat on the other side.


Next, stretch the calf muscles is essential to relieving the strain on the plantar fascia. Do this by sitting with your leg extended forward, then pull the toes back towards your body using a belt or a towel with your leg straight for thirty seconds and repeat three times. Then bend your knee approximately 30 degrees and repeat the stretch three times for thirty seconds.


Lastly, ice the plantar fascia buy rolling a frozen water bottle under the foot while seated. By freezing a plastic water bottle it is easy and convenient to ice the area from the base of the heel to the balls of the feet. Since the ice is being applied directly to the plantar fascia, 5-7 minutes is all that is necessary, but may be repeated several times per day to reduce inflammation.



Dr. Duddey Sportscare Center is Moving!

Sportscare Center New Location

Dr. Duddey Sportscare Center will see patients at our new location at 6090 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 starting June 2014.

Dr. Duddey Sportscare Center is moving from the friendly confines of 24 Hour Fitness and opening a new office about 350 yards away in WarnerDale Square, near Sebastiani’s and Harvey’s Steakhouse. Our last day at our current location will be May 30, 2014. We will start seeing patients at our new location on June, 2014. (*** STAY TUNED! OUR OFFICIAL OPEN DATE MAY CHANGE. OBTAINING THE REQUIRED PERMITS IS TAKING A LITTLE LONGER THAN WE ANTICIPATED.)

Our New Address will be: 6090 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

We are looking forward to having a place of our own with quieter massage rooms, space for passive and active physical therapy, and new treatment rooms.  Please stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Google Plus page for updates.  If you haven’t signed up for our enewsletters,  please click on the green button to give us your first name and email address.

You will receive a confirmation email, too. Please confirm you signed up to receive our email by clicking on confirm in the fine print at the very top of the email.

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The Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Chiropractic Care

Regularly scheduled chiropractic maintenance appointments catch painful problems before they start.

One of the most frequent questions about chiropractic care is “If you really fixed what’s ailing me, why do I have to keep coming back?” It’s a great question.

Once the pain that brought you in is addressed, life goes on. A chiropractic maintenance program addresses the day-to-day conditions that caused your pain in the early stages, many times before you experience discomfort, and maintain the repair.

Simply put, daily wear and tear takes its toll on cars, homes, and even our bodies. Regular maintenance is what allows cars to run 250,000 miles, homes to stand for hundreds of years, and bodies to stay in optimal condition.
Here are some of the causes of daily wear and tear on the body:

1 – Regular Chiropractic Appointments Address the Unavoidable Causes of the Injury
Most of the conditions we treat at Sportscare have rather mundane stories behind them. The cases of being launched from horses, losing control of a mountain bike, and playing one-on-one volleyball with a pro are few and far between. Most of our cases we address are headaches, neck pain, back pain, wrist pain caused by poor posture and eight-hour sessions of desk jockey duties, mobile device use, and gaming. Since you can’t stop working, you have to address these everyday conditions that pull your spine and other joints out of alignment.

In addition to regularly scheduled chiropractic treatments, we recommend daily exercise sessions and taking regular stretch breaks throughout your day to extend the benefits of your treatment.

2 – Regular Chiropractic Appointments Combat Effects of Time
No matter what we do, we can’t stop time. Sure, exercise, healthy eating, maintaining a healthy weight, and other good habits will improve your overall health, but we all age. And with age, our working parts get misaligned and need a little help getting back into place.

3 – Regular Chiropractic Appointments Level the Playing Field
Most people have a strong side and a weak side. The strong side gets a lot of use, whereas the weak side is there to balance us out in pictures. All but one muscle works with an opposing partner, e.g., the bicep has the tricep. The challenge with that is adjustments made to the weak side can be pulled out of alignment by the strong side. Regular maintenance levels the playing field so that the weak side can strengthen, be a better partner, and hold the adjustments longer. Additionally, we may recommend some at home exercises to strengthen the weak side.

The frequency of maintenance appointments depends on the individual and is best discussed between you and your doctor. Some patients require monthly maintenance appointments, while others need to visit more frequently.

In short, regular chiropractic care maintenance appointments combat the daily grind our bodies endure and keeps us in optimal condition.



Beach Volleyball, Huntington Beach, Chiropractic

Beach volleyball players benefit from chiropractic care, too.

After working the last three California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA) tournaments of the summer, where I was able to treat some of the best volleyball players in the world, I have found some consistency in the nagging problems injuries that the players encounter.

The Shifting, Unpredictable Surface
The environment is a contributing factor to these challenges.  Sand is an unstable and unpredictable surface. It offers little to no traction, and it is constantly shifting. Unlike other sports, most players play barefoot, so they have no support that athletic shoes offer.

Three Nagging Problems Beach Volleyball Players Face

Many players experience plantar fasciitis, which is the straining or inflammation of the ligament that connects your heel bone (calcaneous) to your toes (metatarsals). This caused by the player’s bare feet constantly seeking traction and the high-intensity and fast pace of volleyball, this multiplies the strain on the plantar fascia.

A second, related issue is tightness, straining and cramping of the lower leg.  Bursts of speed, changing direction, and jumping put a tremendous load on the calf muscles.  Because the sand is constantly moving out from under the feet, the calf muscles are working overtime to perform.

The third challenge it to the shoulder, specifically the hitting shoulder. I see a lot of rotator cuff tendonitis that is attributed to volleyball specific movements. Hitters rarely are able to hit the ball with the exact same swing consistently. Unlike tennis players who can maneuver themselves so that each swing is almost identical, hitters in volleyball must adapt to the changing wind, position of the sets, and the defenders on the other side of the net. Additionally, blocking requires a sudden change in velocity of the hand, arm, and shoulder. When defending at the net, a hitter’s hand can go from 60 mph to zero mph in a blink. Lastly, consider that the player also makes last second adjustments to place a kill based upon where the players are positioned on the court.

Tips to Beat These Challenges

Treatment for each of these is easily handled with conservative means involving loosening the tissues, stretching the surrounding areas, rest, and of course, ice.

For plantar fasciitis, there are three treatments that will reduce inflammation and loosen the fascia. First, rolling the foot over a golf ball while seated is extremely effective at relieving tight fascia. I recommend doing this daily for 3-5 minutes. Follow this with the second maneuver, stretching the calf muscle. Sit with the legs out straight and pulling the toes back with either your hands or a rolled up towel. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Repeat three times, and then do the same thing on the other leg.  Lastly, rolling the foot over a frozen 16-20 ounce water bottle for 5-7 minutes is the most effective way to ice the plantar fascia to reduce inflammation. Repeat this daily to make the painful plantar fasciitis a memory. To take unnecessary strain off of the area, I suggest wearing supportive shoes with good shock absorption and an arch support when not on the court.

To care for the calf muscles, a foam roll is your friend. Roll your calves over a foam roll either together or one at a time working the muscles from just above the ankle up towards the knee. This will work out the tightness in the calves as well as flush the toxins out of the area. Roll the calves for 5-7 minutes then stretch them as you would with the plantar fascitis holding the stretch for 30 seconds and repeating three times.

For painful volleyball shoulder, reducing muscle spasms and increasing range of motion will improve hitting and reduce the chances of a more serious injury. The most common problem areas are the rotator cuff, the upper trapezius, and levator scapulae muscles. The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that are located just behind the shoulder. The upper trapezius and levator muscles are located on the spine side of the shoulder blade and near the top of the back. These muscles are involved with nearly every movement of the shoulder.

To reduce the spasms in these muscles, a tennis ball can be used to work out the extremely tight areas of the muscles known as trigger points. Place a tennis ball all the way to the toe of a long sock and drape it over your shoulder so that the tennis ball rests just behind the shoulder, just inside of the armpit. Press the tennis ball against a wall and roll it back and forth to roll out the tight muscles and trigger points. Repeat this for the upper trapezius and the levator scapulae muscles. Roll these muscles out for 3-5 minutes on a daily basis. Stretch the rotator cuff muscles out by bringing the arm across your chest and pulling it with the other hand. You will feel the stretch of muscles and hold for 30 seconds and repeat three times. To stretch the upper trapezius and levator scapulae check out this video demonstration.

If you continue to experience pain or discomfort after employing these treatments, seek professional physical therapy help.